6 Tips For Great Success

Do you ever sit back in surprise at the success of other people and wonder how you could become more successful? There are no miracles when it comes to being successful – just a series of strategies that, if applied, will ensure you get ahead of the game. Many people believe that it is luck that determines whether a person becomes successful or not. However, it’s amazing how much luckier you get the more you practise so perhaps luck has a far smaller part to play in success than you might think.

Communication relates to your ability to influence others positively towards you as the more accurately you can ‘read’ people and situations the more likely you are to be able to get the most from them. Skill acquisition means that you strive to continue to maintain the skills you have and develop new ones that will help you move forward.

Check the rules are working for you. We all have ‘life rules’ that help us make choices. Make sure you are not operating on any that have reached their sell-by date. If I take every opportunity then I will be successful may have been a great rule to get your career started but could spread you too thinly if you have established yourself.

Ask your way to success. She who don’t ask don’t get – learn to be more assertive. Good communication skills mean easier relationships, less misunderstanding and emotional upheaval and this means more energy to use developing the life you want. Ask for what you want and you’ll be surprised at how much you will get.

Change how you do something. Learn to be efficient with your behaviours. It is easier to do something than worry about it – don’t think about it, just do it. There is no excuse and the more you make excuses the less successful you will be. Fear will not kill you but giving in to it will make you less successful.

Use your time well . There are 168 hours in a week. If you sleep 8 hours a day then you are left with 112 hours to do everything else. Don’t waste your time, remember that you need to split your time into time for work, rest and play if you want to be a rounded person. Successful people know that time is at the heart of success and use the time they have to best effect. Make plans and use your time wisely.

What goes round comes round. You get what you focus on so if you think about all the negatives you’ll end up with negative outcomes. Focus on positive people and learn from them, read positive books and listen to positive radio programmes. Use your car journey to listen to inspirational tapes and turn dead time into learning time.