Egg and Nutrition

Eggs are a healthy choice and for those that tend towards a vegetarian diet, it can make a valuable contribution to the complete protein of their diet. They definitely have a place in a well balanced diet.

Recent research has shown an egg a day will NOT increase the risk of heart disease or stroke for healthy individuals with normal cholesterol.

Some individuals with elevated cholesterol may be very sensitive to the cholesterol in egg yolks. There is 215 mg of cholesterol in one 55-gram egg.

Eggs have excellent nutritional value, being a complete protein and are nutrient dense. A 55 gram egg contains only 338KJ (81 calories) while providing several essential nutrients. It has all the essential amino acids needed in the building and repair of the cells in muscles and other body tissues.

Vitamins A, D and E are fat soluble and only available in the yolk. Vitamin A or retinol gives the yolk its orange colour. Most of the B group vitamins are in both the yolk and the white although the yolk has greater quantities.

A 35-year-old women consuming one egg will get the following percent of her recommended daily allowances.

  • protein 14%
  • calcium 3%
  • iron 7%
  • phosphorus 9%
  • zinc 4%
  • niacin equivalent 12%
  • riboflavin 11%
  • thiamine 3%
  • total retinol 12%
  • folate 10%

Eggs and young children

Eggs are a fantastic food for kids. Packed full of good things and quick to prepare, eggs will get you out of trouble when you have a hungry child.

Introduce eggs in small amounts, such as by mixing in small amounts of cooked eggs into other foods. It’s also best to offer egg in the morning, so you can watch and easily act on any reactions.

Egg allergy symptoms will usually appear in the minutes and hours after eating eggs or food containing eggs. The symptoms of an egg allergy include:

  • skin rashes
  • hives
  • nasal congestion
  • vomiting or other digestive problems.

If you think your child has had a reaction to eggs, talk to your doctor. In very rare circumstances, an egg allergy can cause anaphylaxis. If you think your child is showing symptoms of anaphylaxis (difficulty breathing, pale and floppy, swollen tongue), dial for an ambulance immediately.